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Credit Cleaner Token Presale update Oct 18th 2020
19 Oct 2020
Credit Cleaner Token Presale update Oct 18th 2020
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Here's the contract address of CC Token In Eureka Network Blockchain
Token Name: Credit Cleaner
Token Symbol: CC
Contract Address: a4787d8b62ce24172b33573354e550bec428a111

Total Circulating Supply - 200 MILLION
30% of Credit Cleaner company profit will go to buying CC from the Market and Burning once Token sale is over.
Average Profit per customer for Credit Cleaner over the duration of service averages $200 per client.
Funds raised from the Token sale will allow for lots of paid marketing for Credit Cleaner and also to support the Blockchain and all the developments around it.

To help promote the growth of the project even more we are launching a very nice affiliate program that will go 4 levels, 10%,10%,8%,5% where a total of 45Mil Tokens will be allocated to rewards during the Token sale until all the tokens run out.
10 Million will be Marketing Incentives post Token sale
Dev Team will receive 15 Million to be used for the Development of the Token.
Phase 1 - Token sale - $0.01 - 80 MIL
Phase 2 - Token sale - $0.015 - 50 MIL
[Tokensale is OVER]
Phase 3 - Burn Remaining Tokens if any are left and launch on Eureka X
Phase 4 - Probit Exchange within 1 week
Phase 5 - Okex and Hotbit Soon after
Phase 6 - Staking Goes Live
For the purpose, use cases and fundamentals of the token. So it will have a buyback and burn model based on the credit cleaner business.
This business to give a basic understanding financially creates a little over $200 for every customer that uses the credit repair service.
Now in the US alone where credit cleaner currently provides its services to customers, there are over 50% of citizens that can benefit from the credit repair service.. that鈥檚 a massive market place.
There is already the infrastructure and plans in place to extend into Canada and beyond too also.
Mix that with a global MLM model, with as above the marketing funds to propel it forward and the rest is self-explanatory.
But it gets better. The token will primarily become a utility token for its on-chain (built over the Eureka blockchain ) developments.
Credit repair is a fantastic match for using blockchain technology. This includes Databases with records of both the credit rating system entireties. These will be highly secure due to blockchain security, fast and inexpensive. The token will be used for transactional costing for all including adding of credit negatives, edits and removal.
The credit repair industry hasn鈥檛 moved into blockchain as of yet, therefore leaving open the first-mover advantage.
Top this off with of course the stackable tokens aspect being brought to the Eureka blockchain and we鈥檝e got a real blockbuster.
Find CC token on Eurekanetwork blockchain:


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By integrating multiple order books, we are able to bring together many of the biggest and best exchanges into one hub, creating a far simpler yet effective trading experience.


Eureka鈥檚 technological model allows for smoother scalability as well as strong decentralisation and rapid streaming of data.
Eureka Coin which is the fuel of the Eureka Network is a scarce asset that is continuously bought back and burned using 50% of the net profits of the development company Polaris Universal. Additionally, 10% of transaction fees are continuously burned. All holders of Eureka Coin are able to stake them to become nodes.
Eureka Network - the best features of decentralised blockchains all in the one place. Ground Breaking Proof of Stake Evolution.

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Credit Cleaner Token Presale update Oct 18th 2020
19 Oct 2020
Credit Cleaner Token Presale update Oct 18th 2020
CryptoDanny 6 Views