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How to do Arbitrage trading - https://youtu.be/PqsxQabkAUo

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The worlds highest liquidity crypto Exchange
By integrating multiple orderbooks, we are able to bring together many of the biggest and best exchanges into one hub, creating a far simpler yet effective trading experience.


Eureka’s technological model allows for smoother scalability as well as strong decentralisation and a rapid streaming of data.
Eureka Coin which is the fuel of the Eureka Network, is a scarce asset that is continuously bought back and burned using 50% of the net profits of the development company Polaris Universal. Additionally 10% of transaction fees are continuously burned. All holders of Eureka Coin are able to stake them to become nodes.
Eureka Network - the best features of decentralised blockchains all in the one place. Ground Breaking Proof of Stake Evolution.

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